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The Library by Lounge

Attercliffe Public Library - Opened in 1894 in answer to local demand for busy local workers. As well as lending books and providing a venue that the people could use to read a newspaper, or wait for friends and relatives returning from the public swimming baths situated next door, it was one of the first places in Sheffield to display lists of job vacancies.​


The Library closed it's doors in 1986.

Now a venue by Lounge Coffee Bar & Cafe  -

The Library Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, once again provides a service to the area, giving visitors an ambience of esquisity and vibrance, in a traditional Sheffield landmark.

Located in close proximity of The Sheffield Arena, Valley Centertainment and Meadowhall Shopping Centre, we specialize in artisan & bespoke gourmet food, quality drinks, renowned customer service and live events.


Whether looking to kick back with a book from our selection and listen to a range of ambient music with a delicious cup of our very own, Sheffield-Made speciality coffee, divulge in our bespoke menu full of delicious foods and homemade desserts; or party with original and classic cocktails & beverages from our extensive bar's not always quiet in THE LIBRARY.

The Library by Lounge, 10 Leeds Road, Sheffield, S9 3TY  0114 553 8994

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