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Make three delicious cocktail classics without leaving your home! The Cocktail Making Kit includes Lounge Island Iced Tea, Pornstar Martini & Raspberry Bellini. Each kit includes all bases, spirits, mixers and garnishes for one of each drink. Price includes First Class Delivery - expected next day, but please allow upto 3 days. Orders are dispatched on Tuesdays, with any order made before 12am Sundays. Keep refrigerated and use within 10 days for best results. 

The Cocktail Making Kit

  • At Lounge Coffee Bar, Sheffield, we have developed bespoke cocktails since 2017. In 2021 we decided to develop a number of ‘At Home Cocktail Kits’. Giving customers the chance to build their own drinks in the comfort of their own home, adding their own flare and excitement to an evening of punchy flavours and boozy tinctures. These kits are perfect for pre-drinks at home, zoom and webchat parties, corporate events, celebrations and special occasions, netflix & chill nights, or bored friday evenings on the sofa!


    All you will need is plenty of ice and three types of glasses.

    1) prosecco/champagne flute/small wine glass

    2) martini/margarita/champagne coupe

    3) a tall/collins/highball glass)

    You will also need a shot glass and a cocktail shaker.

    If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, a large glass & spoon, and something to strain with will be sufficient.



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